Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Paint and gilding

For some time now I have been procrastinating about starting my art again. Well...I finally got around to it. I've been wanting to try this combination of watercolour painting with Tonic Studios gilding flakes for some time now too. I think the copper background looks quite effective with this Small Copper butterfly.

This is a pair of little frames that came from Ikea  with a pre cut mount. The first butterfly I painted was the blue one with the silver gilding flakes, then I decided that I would do away with the mount and go slightly bigger with the copper one. I have now turfed the blue one out of it's frame and am in the process of making another larger one with a copper background so I have a pair of little coordinating butterfly pictures.

This is another little artwork recently done. This time with coloured pencils. But I decided to add copper accents when it was finished.

It's hard to capture in a photo, but it shines nicely in the light. Such fun using the gilding flakes. I'll be doing more of this!

If any of you out there are a bit arty, I hope this inspires you to try something different.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Make your presents felt.

I was keen to test how the Tonic Tangerine Die Cutting machine handles felt. I was impressed. It cuts through it like butter. The felt I like to use is a wool mix felt, not too thick. I used the Kings Cross Case die to get the general shape for this bag. I trimmed off the flaps that are there for gluing and used blanket stitch instead to make this mini tote bag which is just the right size for a gift card.

The top flap of the bag I tucked in and used running stitch to hold down. The creases that are indented by the die make it easy to fold at the right places. I had fun embellishing the front of the bag with this little oak leaf design from the autumn leaves die sets.

I have a feeling this will become a handbag for my daughter's rag dolls.
Why not try cutting some felt with your dies. The Tonic Studios verso dies are perfect for this as you can use the outline dies to cut your felt.  I hope this gives you some ideas.

Have a lovely day

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Chair Addict

Hello, my name's Doda and I'm addicted to buying second hand chairs. Is there perhaps a group for those so afflicted? I find it hard to pass up a bargain. Doesn't matter if it looks pretty shabby, as long as it has good bones, I can't help myself.

I've picked up some pretty good bargains over the years. I usually don't spend more than £10 a chair. Most have been cheaper. My poor patient husband sighs when I tell him I've found another chair needing a home. Trouble is, many of them are still awaiting a makeover. Anyhoo, here are a few of my more recent finds....

I bought 3 of these chairs last week for £10 in total. Actually only 2 of them are solid, the third has problems with it's joints- (I know the feeling!), so I bought them for £5 each and the seller threw in the third one for free. I am sure I can do something with it. The two good ones will go in the kitchen as I have an ecclectic mismatched chair collection going on in there that these will work well with (I think I will cover them first though ;-)  )

Then I just got two of these absolutely lovely chairs for the bedroom, they were only £10 each and I am sure I can do something pretty with them...eventually.

 I have seen a fabric I really fancy that would work nicely on these.  I love anything with butterflies and beetles and bugs for some reason.

While we were parked under the most gigantic monkey puzzle tree at this amazing old house picking up the two bedroom chairs,  the lady who was selling them offered us another 4 mixed dining type chairs for free which she said were going to the dump if we didn't take them as she was moving the next day and didn't have room for them all.  Well, OK then ! They're not amazing but they are nice enough. Each one different.  So, that's another few to add to my list of projects. I also already have a couple of classy wooden armchairs in the garage awaiting my attention. So many chairs, so little time...I think there will come a point when I renovate and sell some of them. But we are still finding the right furniture for our new house. Juggling things around to see what works best for us. It's a process.

Right...I have a chair to upholster, got to go.

A little notebook

A decorated notebook makes a lovely small gift item and is a fun way to use your Tonic dies and embossing folders to create something special.

I was delighted when I saw that the Tonic Studios Kings Cross Case die included these little corner pieces as they make perfect book corners. The little label from the same set is so cute too. It works so well on a notebook.

I cut the Fallen leaves design from my old favourite craft material - tomato paste tube. 

And I love the Layered Leaves embossing folder . A really classic design I know I will use again and again.

So, don't pass by a plain little notebook in a shop because you can make it into a real beauty with your Tonic Studios dies.

Have fun.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A little project with die cutting tshirt vinyl

Hello Tonic Studios fans. You haven't heard much from me lately because I've been settling into my new home and been very busy gardening and other projects around the house. However, it was time for a little Tonic creativity. We have three lots of french doors in our new home, and they currently have bunches of keys with our home builders key ring attached. None too pretty. It was time to make something nice to look at for our bedroom door key. I fell in love with this gorgeous compass die. There are so many things it could be used for. This time,  I decided to use some T shirt flock vinyl for my little project.
I had a bit of a brainwave when using the vinyl this time. The vinyl has an adhesive heat activated backing and then on top of the flock there is a thick layer of heat safe clear plastic which you iron on top of ( it is really intended to be used in an industrial heat press) In the past I have either cut through the layers with a die cutting machine that has a metal shim, or have die cut it on the reverse, then it will cut the vinyl but usually not completely through the thick top layer, or just run it through my machine loads and loads of times to achieve a cut. I wanted to use my Tonic Tangerine machine, and I didn't want to cut the die back to front.  It finally dawned on me I could cut a square of the vinyl to the size I needed, then remove the thick plastic top layer before die cutting, then put the plastic back on top of my diecut to iron it to the fabric. It was so easy and worked a treat. It cut perfectly first time.

I've stuffed my little key fob with lavender so that every time it is handled you get the gorgeous aroma. It makes it weighty too so it hangs nicely.

I hope you like my little project. Why not give die cutting tshirt vinyl a go. It's great for adding a lovely accent to clothing, cushions and more.

If you'd like to see some past flock vinyl projects that I die cut with Tonic dies, here are some links...
Stuart the stag
Wedding ring cushion
Baby Vest
Tooth Fairy Pillow
Butterfly T shirt

Have a lovely day

Friday, 9 September 2016

The grass is always greener...

This was the mud patch that was my view all winter long.
A bit of a mushy muddy mess.
Then Spring came and it started to dry out a bit. Then our house builder came back and added another half metre of soil to the level like they should have done in the first place.
Starting to look a bit better...
 Then we employed the services of a lawn expert....he worked wonders on it using his mechanical rake.
And a bit of hand raking too...
And then he seeded it....and then...it rained big time.
Flash flooding....washed a lot of seed off in areas...but still...the grass grew
Lawn man also put a fence up for us....

And now we have planted up the central bed, you don't really notice the septic tank...I know...lovely!!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Time flies

Time flies when you're having fun so they say. Summer holidays have now been and gone. We've been very busy, and the garden has been making progress. I hope to share some of that with you soon. Just dropping by to let you know I have not forgotten Blogland. I hope to be with you again shortly.
Have a wonderful day. (Picture of my younger daughter by my older daughter.)